しかしそれでも、「もっとこうしたい」、「どうしてもこの加工をしたい」、「本体以外にもこだわりたい」、「他と違うものを作りたい」その思いは作家として当然の発想であり、 最高のモノが出来上がるのはその思いが結実したときのはずです。


We produce the "work" rather than a "merchandise".

Nowadays, the level of difficulty for artists to produce products has dropped significantly, and anyone can easily create a wide variety of items.
However, most of the services that have made this possible can only produce items in the same "prepared style" as everyone else.
Naturally, in order to maintain a service that is used by many people as a business, it is not possible to meet the diverse demands of each individual. We think it is one correct answer to give many people new options by not catering to each individual.
But even so, "I want to do more like this.", "I really want to do this process.", "I want to be particular about things other than the main product.", "I want to make something different." these thoughts are natural desire for an artist, and the best products are created when these thoughts come to fruition.

CRATERS was started to respond to this desire as much as possible, and to deliver to the world "works" by a one-of-a-kind artists.
It may seem a little strange to call a product that is produced without edition control a "work".
However, if we can make a product without compromise so that it can be called a "work" because it is made in large quantities, it will bring a wonderful life to many people.
In order to expand and prove this ideal, CRATERS, together with our partner artists, will continue to create and deliver to you excellent items that we can be proud of.