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販売事業者:合同会社YUCATAN Utilities
所在地:140-0015, 東京都 品川区 西大井5-9-11, 日本


  1. 商品の販売価格は、表示された金額です。


  1. 商品の販売価格とは別に配送地域や重量等に応じた配送料を頂戴します。お買い上げいただく内容やお届けする場所にもよりますが、配送先が国内の場合、500円~2500円の範囲内となります。実際のお支払い配送料に関してはチェックアウトページでお知らせしますのでそちらをご確認ください。
  2. 商品ご購入時にお支払いいただく送料は発送を1度行う分のみとなります。商品をお受け取りにならないなど返送が発生して再発送が必要な場合、着払いもしくは追加の送料をいただきます。
  3. コンビニ決済をご利用の場合、お支払い時に決済代行会社への手数料として190円が別途かかります。


  1. クレジットカード決済・Google Pay・Apple Pay・Amazon Payコンビニ決済がご利用いただけます。
  2. クレジットカード決済・Shop Pay・Google Pay・Apple Pay・Amazon Payはご注文時点でお支払いが確定します。コンビニ決済は3日以内にお近くの提携コンビニでお支払いください。


  1. 在庫商品については1週間以内発送いたします。ただし、大量のご注文をいただいた場合は発送作業の都合上、さらに日数をいただく場合がございます。
  2. 受注販売等予約商品の場合は各商品ページ等に記載の予定時期までに発送いたします。ただし、商品製造の遅れや予期せぬ理由によりこの配送予定時期は遅れることがあります。
  3. 在庫商品と受注販売等予約商品を同時に購入された場合は受注販売等予約商品と同時の発送となります。一つのご注文に含まれる複数商品を分割して発送することには対応しておりません。


  1. 商品交換や返品をご希望の場合はメールかお問い合わせフォームよりご連絡ください。商品の配達完了から1週間以内にお問い合わせいただいた場合で、商品に初期不良が認められた場合にのみ商品の交換を受け付けます。
  2. 思っていたものと違った、思っていた色味ではなかった、間違えて注文した、発送が遅かった等のお客様都合によるものも含む、商品の初期不良が伴わないあらゆる場合のご注文キャンセルや商品の交換、返品・返金は一切お受けいたしません。
  3. 受注商品をご注文の場合で、各商品ページ等で事前に告知した配送予定日に商品のお届けをすることができなくなった場合でも、ご注文のキャンセルはお受けいたしません。ただし、商品自体の製造が行えなくなった場合はこの限りではありません。



English version
(This Terms is made in Japanese and translated into English for reference purposes. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two texts, the Japanese text shall prevail.)

Distributor : YUCATAN Utilities, LLC.
Person in charge : Shunsuke Shirahama
Address : (zip code)140-0015, 5-9-11, Nishioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL : +8150-1751-1222 
E-mail :
***We will only respond to inquiries by a method that can be recorded by both parties. We do not respond to phone calls, so please be sure to contact us by email or use our contact form.

Sales price:

  1. The selling price of the product is the displayed amount.

Required fees other than the product price:

  1. In addition to the selling price of the product, a shipping fee will be charged depending on the delivery area and weight. The shipping fee ranges from 500 yen to 2,500 yen for domestic delivery in Japan, depending on the contents of your purchase and the delivery location. Please check the checkout page for the actual shipping fee you will be charged.
  2. The shipping fee you pay when you purchase an item is only for one shipment. If you do not receive the item or otherwise return it and it needs to be reshipped, you will be charged additional shipping fees.
  3. If you use the convenience store payment method, you will be charged an additional 190 yen as a handling fee to the payment agent at the time of payment.(this payment method is in only Japan.)

Payment method and timing of payment :

  1. Credit card payment, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and convenience store payment(only in Japan.) are accepted.
  2. For credit card payment, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay, payment is confirmed at the time of order. For convenience store payments, please pay at your nearest affiliated convenience store within 3 days.

Time of delivery of services or products:

  1. In-stock items will be shipped within one week. However, if we have a large order, it may take a few more days for shipping.
  2. In the case of pre-ordered products, we will ship the product by the scheduled delivery time stated on the product page. However, due to delays in product manufacturing or other unforeseen reasons, this estimated delivery time may be delayed.
  3. If you purchase an in-stock item and a pre-order item at the same time, those will be shipped at the same time. We cannot ship multiple items in a single order separately.

Replacement of defective products:

  1. If you would like to exchange or return an item, please contact us by e-mail or Contact Us Page. If you contact us within one week of delivery and the product is found to be defective, we will accept the exchange of the product.
  2. We do not accept order cancellations, product exchanges, returns, or refunds in any case that does not involve an initial product defect, including those due to customer reasons such as the product being different from what was expected, the color not being what was expected, the order being placed by mistake, or the product being shipped late.
  3. In the case of orders for made-to-order products, we will not accept order cancellations even if we are unable to deliver the product on the scheduled delivery date announced in advance on each product page. However, this does not apply to cases where the product itself cannot be manufactured.

Time limit for returns and exchanges due to defective products:

Please contact us by e-mail or Contact Us page within one week of the completion of delivery of the product.